New Site, New Me, and New Direction!

   Hi, everyone! First and foremost, thanks to everyone for your patience while I made serious changes on my website! I wanted this site to become something a bit more than just an Online Rock Shop, and while the shop is still present, it's definitely not the main focus anymore. Here are the Top Changes I made to the site, and what to expect in the near future!

Fossil Daddy fossil hunting in Lyme Regis, UK

1.) Regular Blog Posts & Content

  Content, content, content. Content is so important in today's internet age, and for good reason! Content is what keeps people on a platform. It can be entertaining, educational, and sometimes a downright train wreck we can't look away from. While I am self-proclaimed train wreck, I am striving to create something more educational and engaging that my fans and followers can take away from. While I enjoyed selling fossils, I get a lot more satisfaction from people learning from me. I was a teacher after all, and I'm a natural born educator. I want to inspire other people, particularly those younger than me or even within the LGBTQA+ community of which I am a PROUD member of, to become more involved in Geological studies, Rockhounding, and Environmental Sciences. So expect at least one new blog post every month. And don't forget to join my mailing list by clicking here to get updates and exclusive content!


2.) My New Virtual Museum of Geology

   That's right! On my main page, I now have sections where you can browse my private & personal collection! It has always been my goal to open a free museum to the public one day, but for now this will suffice. As most know, I have traveled all over the world to collect some of the most unique fossils I can find. While I was known primarily for selling my finds, I kept my absolute favorites, and my digital museum should give you greater insight into the specimens I keep. This section is far from finished though as my collection is quite vast and will take a while to photograph, upload, and input all the data. So definitely sign up for my mailing list for updates!

An Ichthyosaur Vertebra in my personal collection that I collected along England's Jurassic Coast 

3.) The Gift Shop

   That's right, I still have a shop! While I was primarily known as a fossil dealer, the shop is kind of taking a back seat so I can focus more on creating quality content for ya. I've got everything from T-shirts/Tops, Hoodies, Face Masks... and even fossils such as Real Dinosaur Fossils & Megalodon Teeth for sale right now! I also have a Specials section where some items are marked down. Be sure to show the shop some love as it's how I'm able to continue doing what I do, and it for sure helps me get one step closer to one day opening up my free museum that I dream of opening up to the public! I will be sure to write more about that in the future.

My most popular T-shirt before temporarily closing

   And that's about it for now. Be sure to follow me on Instagram by clicking here as I am quite active on there, and you can get better insight on what I'm currently up to. I'm always open to suggestions too, so drop me a DM there if there's anything in particular you'd like me to do or talk about. And join my mailing list by clicking here if you haven't already!