Cricket & Fly in Fossil Amber

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This beautiful specimen is genuine amber. Dominican amber is the source of amber for which the movie series, Jurassic Park (World) was based upon with the supposed mosquito providing fragmented dinosaur DNA. Jurassic Park is obviously fictitious and that could never happen. However, Dominican fossil amber is known for the clarity of its inclusions including such things as insects, arachnids, and botanicals. Insects and other fossils in amber are rare. Most amber is barren but not this piece.

This is a fully polished specimen of all-natural authentic Dominican amber from the mines in the Dominican Republic and contains a nicely preserved, winged male ant with long antennae. The piece weighs 1.8 g and has dimensions of 1.9 cm length, 1.3 width and 1 cm height (2.5 cm is approximately 1 inch).

The age of Dominican Amber was for a while up for debate. Originally, A study in the early 1990s returned a date up to 40 million years old. However, according to Poinar, Dominican amber dates from Oligocene to Miocene, thus about 25 million years old. The oldest, and hardest of this amber comes from the mountain region north of Santiago.