Mix of Fossil Dinosaur Footprints 4-Pack bulk bundle

Mix of Fossil Dinosaur Footprints 4-Pack bulk bundle

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*PLEASE NOTE* this is a miscellaneous bundle. The pictured bundle may not necessarily be the bundle you get.  This is a means of building a collection quickly or for reselling purposes. All specimens sent will be of the utmost quality (nothing crappy!)

Age: 205-200 Million Years Old (Early Jurassic)
Location: Connecticut River Valley, Massachusetts
Ichnogenus: Grallator, Anomoepus & Eubrontes could all be represented
Species: Theropod dinosaur species

 This miscellaneous bundle of footprints is great for those building up their collection of dinosaur fossils at a reasonable price! You will get four randomly selected specimens of varying size and weight (the whole parcel will not exceed 30lbs). This is great for reselling, as each specimen selected will have an average value of $150-$200ea. If you have a preference between concave & convex impressions, or an Ichnogenus preference (grallator, anomoepus, etc) please reach out using the chat icon upon completing your order and I will make a note of it.  

  The original footprints were discovered, amongst others, by a farm boy, Pliny Moody. E.B. Hitchcock, a clergyman, described the Grallator footprints and others as evidence of ancient birds. Ever since that initial discovery, the Connecticut River Valley has routinely been the site of a plethora of scientific discoveries dating back to the Late Triassic & Early Jurassic periods.  

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