Small Anomoepus Track
Small Anomoepus Track

Small Anomoepus Track

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Age: 205-200 Million Years Old (Early Jurassic)
Location: Connecticut River Valley, CT
Ichnogenus: Anomoepus 
Species: Unknown Theropod

Recently and legally collected in private property along the Connecticut River Valley near Middletown, CT. This is the fossil impression of a Theropod (raptor) that existed some 210 Million Years Ago. The species that made these tracks is relatively unknown to science, but it can be said safely that this was made by a carnivorous theropod..

This specimen has been lightly polished with a clear polish to help pop it out. The polish can be washed of so the fossil can revert to its original state. The polish is semi-permanent if not washed, or exposed to outdoor elements for prolonged amount of time.